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During the standoff, Britney was observed by officers to be under the influence. They were able to retrieve the children, hand them off to KFed, and Britney was then seen taken to the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre via ambulance on a gurney (attached) for what’s being called a “mental evaluation”.

Word is this is standard procedure for anyone who has attempted suicide though sources suggest that Britney was heard screaming threats at the top of the lungs at one point in the evening but did not actually self harm (beyond whatever drugs she was taking). Insiders claim those threats were a reaction to the court order that arrived legally compelling her to send her children home with KFed.

When she realised that she couldn’t keep them overnight, she became “totally hysterical about not getting her way”.

Am told that Kevin’s assistance was “instrumental” to how events unfolded Thursday night at Britney’s. That he deserves much credit that no one was hurt at the house.

Us Weekly is reporting that Kevin and Sam Lutfi have both arrived at the hospital along with the babies but that Lutfi has been  barred from entering.

Apparently, when Britney was taken out of the ambulance she gave the paps the finger. 

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