As I reported exclusively on Friday, Britney’s photo shoot with OK Magazine was supposedly a disaster. Click here for the background.

Still more details are coming out of the debacle, from multiple sources – all of them painting a picture of a Britney on the way down. Again. Because in addition to the rumoured public peeing and the public manual self-exploration and the unprofessionalism, I hear Britney also allegedly made away with $20,000 worth of clothing from the shoot. Apparently her excuse is that the items were gifted to her, but considering that the shoot was never complete, that the magazine was supposedly scrambling afterwards to reschedule for usable photos, donating to someone who can clearly afford it probably wasn’t high on their list of priorities. In fact, my magazine insiders insist that it was made clear to Britney and her new assistant (repeatedly described to me as “the blonde with the big cold sore”) several times in no uncertain terms, not because there was fear at the beginning that they’d rip off the shoot but because both are so dumb they have to be told everything more than once.

As for the magazine’s next steps – the shoot was never rescheduled and what they have is barely barely up to standard. I’m told they spent the weekend deliberating whether or not to scrape together the best among the sh-t and hope it looks great in editing or to turn the entire story around and expose Britney for what she is – even though it would irreversibly damage their relationship with her but at this point, what’s left to salvage? If they do go that route, the article will be scathing and scandalous. And groundbreaking too. Especially for OK Magazine, known of late for paying celebrities for exclusives, obviously slanted to kissing star ass, not unlike the obsequious People Magazine – can you imagine the fallout if they actually have the balls to tell it like it is? We’ll see.

At press time, a final decision has yet to be made. Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, check out Britney and her boys and her cousin Allie’s replacement out for a boat ride the other day. You will note, at just 25, she looks terribly terribly old, non? The lines around her mouth and eyes?


And then there’s this – Britney getting lippy vs the paparazzi. Word is she didn’t appreciate them following her around when she had stopped to change a diaper and felt they were getting too close.

But here’s the thing, before you start pontificating on the importance of privacy and intrusion – remember, this is a girl who routinely uses the paps to send her own messages, who relied on them to inform her of the whereabouts of her own mother when she told the woman to stay the f*ck away from her kids (!!!???!!!), who has used the camera to campaign against mom for public favour. So really… is she really in a position to complain?


By the way, definitely TURN DOWN your speakers. Low classy language, chicken fried mouth… it’s not the kind of thing you want blaring around the office. My favourite line, as her baby cries in the background, Britney says to an overweight photographer:

“You need to f*ckin’ jog, you f*ckin’ p*ssy. Yeah, run. Run bitch.”

Click here for the clip – how long before sad smut spirals out of this column?

I fear.