It must have galled Britney to no end this week – not only not knowing of her sister’s pregnancy and finding out along with the masses but getting usurped by Jamie Lynn’s teenage surprise on the gossip front… temporarily being relegated to the sidelines as another Spears ate up the attention.

Needless to say, given the circumstances, Chicken Fried’s usual f&ckery clearly wouldn’t do. Ever the famewhore, Britney knew she had to take it to a whole new level to compete with the news of her 16 year old sibling getting knocked up.

And how.

I won’t bother you with a minutely detailed blow by blow of her assy behaviour. Here’s a quick summary in no particular order – the Chicken Fried Weekend Update:

- she drove around aimlessly with her assistant
- she changed several times
- she hit up several gas station washrooms, with her shoes on, and did Xenu knows what behind closed doors
- she yelled at creepy Sam Lutfi over the phone
- she yelled at a recording studio that could not accommodate her over the phone
- she may or may not be doing a movie called Memoirs of a Memoirs of a Medicated Child playing the girlfriend of a misdiagnosed mental patient
- she walked around braless in a flimsy shirt, see attached
- she tried to take photos of the paps taking photos of her but became frustrated and then cursed them, throwing her camera at them at one point and losing her memory stick… then enlisting the help of the paps to find it later on.

But this is how the weekend went from ordinary to extraordinary:

On Saturday night, Britney picked up not one but TWO paparazzi, and ended up taking a lucky photographer back to her hotel where he emerged the next morning making it quite clear how badly he needed a cigarette.


His name is Adnan, he’s been shooting her for months, and she’s apparently had her eye on him for months. Originally she wanted to take him back to her house but upon pronouncing it too “dirty”, she then decided she’d entertain him at the Peninsula. The two were also snapped holding hands … all this just hours before she’s scheduled to meet up with her kids.

Don’t forget, since KFed was able to spend Thanksgiving with the boys, per court agreement, Britney gets them for Christmas. Which may be why she needed to get her filth on before being trapped inside her house with her children and nothing or no one better to do.

No rest for the smutty while Britney’s on the warpath. And this is normally a quiet time of year.

Chicken Fried never breaks from being Stupid!

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Photos from Splash and Wenn