Next week is Britney week. Circus drops Tuesday December 2nd which means Britney will be everywhere promoting it. Including in 6 days For the Record, her surprisingly intimate documentary airing on November 30th at 10pm on MTV in the US and on MuchMusic in Canada.

The day before she’ll reportedly be performing on the UK’s X Factor, supposedly heading to London for 24 hours with a massive entourage including dancers and security and wardrobe and stylists, before returning to the States for a “live” performance on Good Morning America on her birthday and release day December 2nd.

On December 3, Britney will participate in the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Centre. Word is there might be a talk show or two thrown in there (still tentative but David Letterman is fond of her) and a few possible events in LA too that are being considered.

Britney Blitz…

Are you ready?

Extended For the Record trailer is below and more Circus promotional shots are attached.

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