After last night’s drama, the babies are now safely back with Kevin Federline, Jayden James is doing fine, and KFed’s legal team will be storming the court this morning, not surprisingly, to strip Britney of all visitation rights.

Britney meanwhile is being held for mental evaluation at Cedars on what’s being called a 5150 meaning she’s been deemed a danger to herself and others.

Word is everyone around her has been expecting it to come to this for some time now which accounts for the assignment of the court appointed monitor the last few months. As for those of you asking for the whereabouts of the court appointed monitor last night – she was there but at some point was locked out of the house.

And even though Britney was found to be under the influence, her problems are "mental, not chemical".

There are also reports that Britney, once stabilised, will be charged by police.

Sources inside the Camp Federline are saying that these developments have actually been met with optimism. Not only because of the obvious legal and financial repercussions but also because this is exactly the kind of rock bottom turnaround they need to turn her around.

Will keep you posted.

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