The comeback will be complete on December 2nd, her 27th birthday: Britney Spears will release her new album, called Circus, rounding out what began as a tumultuous year in uplifting fashion.

The first single off Circus, Womaniser, drops as early as September 22nd – next Tuesday. Word is, Britney is rehearsing in studio every day, working on choreography for a new video, and every day her body gets tighter and tighter.

But what about her head?

There are some who are suggesting that it’s all too soon. That once again, before she knows it, she’ll be pushed into a punishing schedule, not only for her record company, but by her own management in an effort to replenish what was once thought to be a limitless bank account, now severely depleted by the events of the last 18 months.

Still others insist that Britney is in control. That this is what she wants, what she needs, and that this time, they all know her breaking point.


Here she is this weekend, surrounded by family and friends, including Jamie Lynn who flew in with Maddie, to celebrate the boys’ birthdays.

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