There is a thin line between sad and absurd. Many of you will find this story sad. And I can see why for you it would be the case. But when I close my eyes and picture it, when I picture being there and this sh*t going down, I … I… I’m sorry. I’m terrible. But I giggle. This is not kind, no. But my sympathy has more deserving destinations. And that is why I’m going to hell. I’m sure I’ll see a few of you there.

So what’s worse than going into a public bathroom with bare feet? How about trying on undies against your bare skin in the middle of a store? Yes…that’s Britney.

Us Weekly is reporting that Britney hit up Hustler in West Hollywood last week for some skanky panties. Store employees told her it was against store policy to try them on. This displeased her. So she proceeded to get undressed right there in the shoppe, TAKING HER OWN UNDIES OFF FIRST, with at least a dozen customers watching, ignoring the pleas of staff to stop flaunting her cooch. 

According to them, “It was like dealing with a child."

Britney then decided she shouldn’t have to pay for the merchandise and was visibly annoyed when asked for her credit card. To get them back for what she perceived as their disrespect, she hastily settled up then ran out of the store, pilfering a wig on the way out. 

Can you imagine??? Can you imagine the crazy???

Britney needs Tom Cruise. Britney needs a serious dose of the Church and some vitamins and some Xenu Juice.

Chicken Fried Xenu! Can you imagine???

Photo from Splash