A hard fought small victory and just a week later, she pisses it all away. That’s Britney.

Last Thursday Britney showed up (late) at the courthouse and appealed to an “old fart” judge for overnight visitation privileges with her boys. He granted her one night a week with a legally approved monitor supervising the situation.

However, after an emergency hearing yesterday, Britney’s visitation – all visitation, not just overnights – has been suspended:

"Petitioner"s visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner"s compliance with the court orders."

Chicken Fried Stupid apparently STILL can’t follow instruction.

Next battle will go down on Oct 26 when both Britney and KFed are expected to appear in court.

Knowing her, she’s probably celebrating the news with a cigarette and a trip to Starbucks. With her poor dog held hostage.