After a hospital scare the other day, Britney was in much better spirits yesterday with her family and her booboos at an alligator farm in Louisiana, enjoying some down time before hitting the road hard to promote Circus which drops on December 2nd, her birthday.

But is that what she really wants?

Am told exclusively that lately Britney behind the scenes, in rehearsal, during photo shoots, at meetings has been saying that she wishes she could just move away from Hollywood, back to Kentwood to raise her babies. “I just want to be a mom”. My sources say she has seemed tired for a few weeks, with no spark in her eye, with no excitement or spark to offer, and that’s why her handlers agreed to let her go out of town to reenergise, hoping that she’ll be ready to go balls to the wall when she gets back.

Those who have worked with her say that her heart may have never been into the first place and it’s not so much that she’s being pushed to do something she doesn’t want to do, but that she’s scared to do something else because she doesn’t KNOW anything else. And now that she’s so far into the comeback, she’s trapped into something she’s not really passionate about for the better part of a year. There’s also the drugs too. Takes away the imbalance but leaves behind no flash. Almost as though what made her crazy also made her creative, and when you take away one, you take away the other.

Promo work for the tour is already well underway and very, very advanced. Here’s another terrible publicity photo for Circus (from which, by all early predictions, will be a smash success.

Because that’s the sh-tty truth of it all. We all want Britney back. Even if she doesn’t want to be.

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