Things are heating up with Adnan – apparently they’re inseparable. And perhaps the owner of a new Mercedes? Britney took him car shopping over the weekend… wearing the same short lacy dress she wore during her wedding reception and showing off a surprisingly nice back.

Her choice of attire of course left everyone debating its intended meaning, sparking rumours about her future with Adnan: will she do the unthinkable and marry him hastily and convert to  Islam as claimed by the UK tabloids? Does she hope that yet another marriage will finally signify stability? Some say she actually thinks having A-Fed around will help her win her kids back – that having a man in her life will show the court she can manage.

Chicken Fried Stupid…as usual.

As for Adnan’s objectives – much easier to decipher. Check out these photos of the two yesterday running errands, eating, shopping, buying a new blouse when she couldn’t keep her chicken fried grease off her shirt. You will note that on their way down the escalator, Adnan chose to step to the side, instead of standing directly in front of her, thereby allowing paps below to get the money shot.

Of course Britney is due back in court today for a custody hearing. If she doesn’t show up… well, that’s it. Game over. She’ll also apparently have to negotiate her arrival on her own as the cops have no interest in helping her deal with the pap swarm that follows her constantly.

Monday drama. Will keep you posted.

Photos from Wenn and Fame