Police have confirmed Britney will not be charged for last night’s dramatics. At press time, Britney is under 72 hour lockdown at Cedars having been interviewed by doctors last night. KFed was also queried about her mental state and she is expected to be assessed over the weekend, with long term plans still to be determined.

As I reported earlier, Kevin and her father Jamie are said to be working together to help her commit, finally, to a program that will address her serious issues. Kevin meanwhile is in court today requesting that Britney be stripped of visitation rights to the children. But although his priority to protect his kids, I’m told his intent is not to punish his ex wife.

Am hearing that Kevin was gentle with her last night and genuinely wants her to make a full recovery. He was also apparently rather vocal about who would be allowed to see her and visit in hospital endeavouring to cut off the enablers who have surrounded her for months.

Her mother meanwhile is reportedly distraught but has yet to show, being that she has her hands full with Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. After all, Dr Phil said she"s a wonderful mother.

Wonderful mothers produce child stars.



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