Last Friday I posted an article about Britney Spears, how she’d been performing in Vegas, and some are saying she’s hitting her dance moves harder than she has in years, and is even real-smiling on stage now too. Click here for a refresher.

Yesterday Britney was at Teen Choice to receive the “Style Icon” award. My first reaction was… Ummm…? But in thinking about it, yeah sure, Britney’s red carpet and street style is for sh-t, but she actually has had several iconic signature looks.

Who did low-LOW rise better than Britney?

And pigtails:

The red leather bodysuit:

Multiple nude bodysuits:

And snakes…

What makes the word “icon” defensible here is that, well, no one needs to tell you where these style decisions came from. You should be able to identify each look right away – even the nude bodysuits. Most of us who lived through that era could tell you which one was from the Toxic video and which one was worn under a black suit until she ripped it off…at the VMAs…15 years ago. God, where did it go? The time, I mean. And the smiles. The real smiles. Not the ones from the carpet last night.