It’ll be a Chicken Fried Christmas for her boys this year as her attorney negotiated a deal with Team KFed yesterday to secure visitation with the children on Christmas Day. Which means she’ll spend it with them all day in the car from one Starbucks to another.

Until then, Britney is still busy being stupid. Us Weekly is reporting she will be shooting a new video for Piece of Me today in Hollywood even though she’s only able to be there for 2 hours since she has a scheduled session with her kids today. Knowing her, she’ll probably blow off her kids.

According to the magazine, the theme behind the video is the paps’ relentless pursuit - they always want a Piece of Her…get it? Of course she’ll also, at some point, be gyrating on top of the bar. Of course.

In addition to 15 dancers, a body double has also been hired. Which begs the question: why does she have to bother showing up at all? And will anyone believe it’s her body they end up watching anyway?

Speaking of… remember that disastrous OK Magazine photo shoot? They released some “outtakes” recently, click here to see. My sources say the photographer and his assistants worked for hours on the computer getting it right. And they used a certain supermodel’s hair instead of Britney’s. Can you guess who?

And finally, on the subject of weave – Chicken Fried got a new one in preparation for today’s shoot. Long straight and blonde, as seen last night during her daily trip to the Four Seasons. It"s a Chicken Fried Mystery what she does there all the time.


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