She’s posted new rehearsal photos on her official site... Chicken Fried abs with no trace of having had booboos, hard at work for the Circus Tour, slaving away for all those mouths she has to feed: her dad, her mom, her brother, her nannies, her ex husbands, and probably her sister too, considering Jamie Lynn is too busy trying to keep her man. Oh la.

Still, that is a kick ass stomach. It’s that metabolism when you’re in your 20s. I miss it. Yesterday I went to spin class which is, literally, hell on earth. So discouraging to suffer like that for an hour only to look down at the calories burned total and realise that was only half your lunch. F-cker.

As you can, Britney seems to actually be concentrating. Quite focused.. Must be the Jamie King influence?

But of course there’s a pole.

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