As you may have heard, Britney Spears is having her fiancé Jason Trawick added to her conservatorship situation. PEOPLE reported that:

Trawick will only have shared legal control over Spears's general well being – not her finances, a source tells PEOPLE. In general, a conservator can make decisions over a person's food, clothing and medical care. But Spears has plenty of personal freedom and the conservatorship is just a formality.

Yes, my first reaction to the words “just a formality” and “only shared legal control” is Personal Freedom, every single time.

Why does she need to be governed?

Well, she needs to be governed because she cannot govern herself. And she needs to be governed because she is, still, always, a major moneymaker.

And they say she could be making as much as $15 million on The X Factor. According to Deadline, Britney and Simon Cowell are close to finalising a deal that would bring her on the show’s second season as a judge. That means, like, every episode. Like, she would have to speak. Presumably coherently. With specifics. More than just, “Oh mah gosh, that was so good, ah just love you so much”.


Do they hire someone to be in her ear? Like a ghost-talker? Because I think I could totally do that job. In fact, I really, really, REALLY want that job. It might be the only job in Hollywood I would ever audition for even if it meant keeping it from my friends and family and taking the secret with me to the other side, not to be revealed, not even in death, or after death...never. Only she, Simon, and I would know: those were my words.