Britney at the beach – after a business meeting during which she appeared to be signing contracts, the chicken fried twat decided she was hot and pulled over, stripped down to her skivvies, and jumped in the water, accompanied of course by the small army of photographers assigned to her beat. Curiously enough, the lighting happened to be so beautiful at that time of day, some of these pics could actually be editorial quality.

As for her career – or what’s left of it – day after day, new rumours surface about a new song to be leaked on the radio, on the web, everywhere but anywhere. Some are saying she’s gunning for an MTV VMA comeback, others say October, and still others think it’ll happen in Vegas and soon…IF she can get her lazy ass back to work and sustain a high level of productivity over a longer period of time.

Problem with Britney, one of them anyway, is that she’s full on for a couple of weeks or so and then always loses interest. Perhaps it’s a consequence of the child slave labour her parents imposed or, no excuses, perhaps she’s simply a degenerate skank who can’t be bothered to hold off the cheeto long enough to actually do some work. Whatever it is, given that she’s supposedly managing herself these days, her record company is said to be in a mild panic. Especially since my sources report she’s been walking around pining for a baby girl of late. Will keep you posted.