Reliving Justin and Britney’s dance off (in the MMVA article about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) just brought a lot of happiness to my life. As mentioned earlier, it’ll be ten years on August 1. TEN YEARS!

Britney cheated on Justin with Wade Robson (allegedly but only for the lawyers, ahem) and broke Justin’s heart and Justin rebounded with Alyssa Milano (OMG, remember that???) and members of his dance crew including Jenna Dewan and Britney accused him of only doing it to get back at her and he called her trash for disrespecting their relationship and suddenly they cleared the floor and threw down to the beat with their arms and legs...


Gossip was really, really, REALLY good in 2002-2003. It was a golden age. And Bennifer was part of this too.

Anyway, click here if you missed this from my previous post, especially for those who haven’t seen it before.

Here’s Pipsqueak after dinner in Puerto Rico with his fiancée this weekend.