So here"s Kfed at his CD listening party at Pure on Friday night sans cashcow bankroller, otherwise known as his wife. Britney was originally scheduled to attend which is why those poor people made it out to the event in the first place. As you can see from the finger f*ck you he"s getting, the crowd was obviously not pleased. And neither, apparently, was the Mrs. Everyone in Vegas is buzzing about the dramatic fight between the two of them at a local restaurant earlier in the evening. There are several conflicting reports about exactly what they were arguing about ranging from wanting to have another baby to his spending habits to him telling her she needed to lose weight and something about being a real family and focusing on "family time." However, I"m also hearing that the hysterics originated when he asked her to stay behind at the hotel, not wanting her to steal his thunder. Apparently he was happy to exploit her presence to get people there, but he had no interest in having her hovering over him for the rest of the evening. Whatever the cause was, Britney apparently burst in to tears and ran out of the restaurant while that worthless f*cker went off to do his thing, beater tank and ubiquitous ciggie in tact, boozing it up til the early morn, seemingly without a care as to his wife"s emotional wellbeing. But a word of caution to those of you who think this will finally signal the end of her lobotomised hell. Kevin isn"t going anywhere. And if his recent remarks about how he disdains divorce are any indication, Britney is pretty much chained for life…if not to him than to some Vegas hotel which is where she"ll be committed for the next 20 years if she ever hopes to pay off the digustingly obscene amount of money Kevin will end up ripping out of her uterus. Because you just know SPF isn"t enough to keep this greedy moefoe satisfied, right?