Good signs and warning signs, it’s never easy with Britney. Girl is just so f&cking… dumb. Like I mean seriously stupid. Like learning impaired. Which accounts for my soft spot. Because I truly believe she’s too stupid to know, you know?

Followed everywhere by the pappies this weekend – out for sushi several times, at the dance studio, stopping by Parc for a brief club hop only to dash out half and hour later… all positive developments. And as you can see here, she does seem to be losing her addiction bloat.

But then she started talking. And once that sh-t opens, that sh-t can’t close. Would be OK if what came out was halfway lucid, but this is Britney, and nothing remotely resembling brilliant has ever exited Britney so why should this be different? Here"s Britney after handpicking a paparazzo to video her "message" during which she waxes sarcastic about the media and the tabloids and even her management team (read: Larry Rudolph?) at whom she appears to take a shot for sending her to rehab.

Some say she is exhibiting the same behaviour now that she did in the weeks leading up to her breakdown. Still others insist that she’s fine. That she is indeed angry with Larry but that that’s just how their relationship rolls, that she’s more stable than she’s been in months, that she’s working out like a fiend and determined to get hot again, hopefully for Rolling Stone.


Am a sucker for Britney. I still believe.