Since the disastrous OK Magazine meltdown, the tawdry story of her video shoot hysterics, and her dramatic scuffle with the paparazzi in Vegas, Britney has scaled back her crazy, abstaining from the every night club schedule that usually precedes a breakdown and reconnecting with cousin Alli Sims. And it would appear that Alli’s reinstatement into her life has resulted in some improvements.

Her appearance for starters – here’s Britney at the weekend with her boys looking kinda cute, relatively speaking. Sure, Gwyneth would never wear that dress. But as far as I can see, there are no stains and her cooch isn’t creeping out the side, her skin looks rather fresh, and aside from the monstrosity of extensions on top her head…overall, I’d say we’ve seen worse.

And her boys are just so cute. Which is why the most recent Us Weekly article is so damaging. As they say – like babies raising babies.

Word is Britney has been temporarily scared straight but the recent barrage of bad press, pulling it together for the last few days and even showing some inclination to actually get back to work, though no one believes it will last.

The problem with Britney is not whether she’ll start it, the problem with Britney is whether she will finish it. The girl is straight up lazy.