At the very, very least, she"s apparently with a cousin - Allie Sims - who drove her to the meeting with the lawyer this afternoon. Allie was seen sobbing in the driver"s seat while Britney talked on a cell phone. Britney"s expression was described as "blank" and unemotional. According to Us Weekly, she"s now at the Hotel Bel Air and while it"s not clear how she"s paying for her room, many assume that her family is giving her enough through Allie so that she can survive - for food, for board, but for nothing else. You will note that Larry Rudolph"s statement yesterday indicated that Britney was admitted "voluntarily" to Promises. Rumour has it they are now considering an involuntarily stay, whatever it takes so that she does not have the ability to check herself out. More and more though, given her instability, it does look like symptoms of extreme mental instability - as I keep mentioning, crystal meth psychosis is consistent with this kind of behaviour. Having said that, the one thing that the family is holding on to is that she"s still accessible. She hasn"t exactly gone underground - not known whether or not she"s using but she"s hasn"t disappeared into some den to get absolutely blitzed either. Small mercies in a huge tragedy. Hope is frail... But I can tell you, we see kids beyond the brink at Covenant House Vancouver every day. And corny as this sounds, every day there are miracles. Source