Britney is currently touring Circus through Japan, giving the Hello Kitties convulsions. She stopped by a burger joint yesterday and chowed down with abandon. Then she appeared on Hey!Hey!Hey and showed off a set of sick ass abs.

F-ck her and her 27 year old metabolism. Or her surgeon. Or the colonics technician. Whatever! F-ck them all.

We had our girls Christmas dinner last night. I saved myself all week for the feast. First drink in 12 days. Champagne… to quote Will Ferrell in Old School: “Once it hits your lips it's so good!" Gorged for 2 hours. Then came home and couldn’t sleep from heartburn and indigestion. This never used to happen. It didn’t happen 10 years ago.

Clips are below.

Britney Spears Hey!Hey!Hey! Part 1

Britney Spears Hey!Hey!Hey Part 2

Britney Spears Hey!Hey!Hey Part 3

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