Her hair is black again. And she was pissed at the paps last night for surrounding her even though she was walking around in a pink wig. Stupid f&cking twat.

Scene of the crime – the Four Seasons. Multiple sightings and multiple outfit changes. As you can see, her lipo is working rather rapidly. The legs are slimming…though I wonder, what do you think she spikes her Starbucks with?

You will also note she is alone. Where’s that dude? That creepy swarthy sinister Svengali she’s been keeping company with lately? Us Weekly is claiming that since the magazine’s disparaging report about Sam Lutfi last week, he’s decided to lay low and hide out, leaving Britney to her own devices.

Not sure what’s worse.

Without him, she doesn’t appear to have anyone else. Which is why according to paps she texted the following to one friend about another:

"I text her. she wont respond. why?"

Finally some good news. She needs to be deserted for a while, non?

Photos from Wenn