She took her kids to Vegas with her brother and apparently violated the terms of her custody agreement and now that loser she married is licking his lips over the opportunity, eager now to demand full custody and the bank account that goes with it. Word is, as her behaviour is becoming more and more unstable, Lynne Spears is becoming more and more resolute in her decision to team up with the ex for access to the babies…which is weak in itself but Britney being Britney and dumb as all f&ck, she’s making their case easier and easier every day.

So they go to Vegas, an altercation broke out at the Wynn when a pap got too close to the children and Britney’s bodyguard beat him to a pulp. He has now been charged and Britney has countercharged the photographer for endangering her kids. Word is she and her minder were then thrown out of the establishment. Class.

Meanwhile Britney has supposedly fired yet another assistant. That blonde chick she’s been seen out and about with is no longer in her employ and worse yet, according to Perez, she will be selling her story as she did not sign a confidentiality agreement. There will be photos, there will be dirty details, there will be smut – worse than what I reported went down at the OK Magazine photo shoot which was bad enough: baby babbling, peeing publicly, diddling her privates…worse than all that.

As for Britney supporters trying to blame the assistant for much what’s happened of late – my sources from the OK incident insist Britney is “a lost cause all by herself. That girl was definitely trash but Britney was pretty messed up all on her own.”

Here’s a photo of the fight. And another of Britney from yesterday looking all kinds of attractive.