So says the very reliable Entertainment Weekly and it is a song that has NOT been leaked so far. The title is Gimme More, produced by a Timbaland protégé, said to be a potential “smash” – an uptempo dance track. She shot the disastrous video for it a few weeks ago…with the stripper pole, remember? The magazine is quoting inside sources who’ve heard Gimme More have compared it to JT’s FutureSex/LoveSounds in that for Britney, the song represents a new funky vibe with an infectious beat.

A full album is also expected to follow suit in early autumn…perhaps the only bit of good news in an otherwise chicken fried stupid life.

Yesterday was yet another all-star day for Britney – she ran out of gas, she received a parking ticket, and she walked around showing her cellie ass. See attached.

Seriously… it needs to stop. Because they keep looping clips from her old videos on tv – when her body was the sh-t – and it’s obvious, she’s trying to front with the same attitude without the same set of abs. Makes me sad. If only she could work hard for more than a couple of weeks at a time…

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