Not exactly the approach I would take but whatever… I love this broad. She’s rough, she’s not afraid to scrap, and she’s takin’ it to Eddie Murphy right up the arse.

So he says she slept around, says he’s not her baby daddy, challenged her to a paternity test to settle the matter once and for all, and she’s like – alright, giddy’up. Let’s go.

But now she says that Eddie is refusing, that she can’t reach him, that her attempts to move forward in the procedure have been ignored…

Sounds like someone’s on the run, non? Classic too. From a man who avoids, and avoids, and avoids. Who couldn’t take criticism in the 90s and decided to sulk and withdraw, from a man who didn’t win an Oscar and bailed out early. And now, all loud and mouthy in the press about NOT fathering a Spice child, now dragging his feet on stepping up and clearing up…which is why she’s hauling his DNA to court! And telling People Magazine all about it!

Again, not the classiest way to go about things but sh-t, it’s the first time I’ve cared about either of them in years. Why not?