I met her during the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006 at an after hours party. She seemed cranked up on something – possibly ecstasy – and was fully buried in oblivion on the dance floor by the time we arrived, grinding up on 2 different men, spinning around suggestively, and still the sweetest girl ever. Genuinely a good person. And kind. And friendly. 

Which is why it’s really too bad. It’s really too bad whatever is going on with her. Whatever she thinks she’s found in this creepy man – my smutty sense is shouting that it’s wrong. Wrong! 

Here’s Brittany in New York for fashion week spotted at various shows. The lips, the hair, the emptiness in her eyes, the way her husband keeps leering at her, there’s always been a roughness about her appearance but now it’s almost worse, you know what I mean? 

Is she sad smut too? 

Photos from Wenn.com