So Eddie Murphy has kept an ultra, ultra low profile for several years, but even before his divorce that sh-t was swirling. You know what I mean… And now Dreamgirls is coming out, said to be the finest performance of his career, possible nomination for Oscar, now all of a sudden he finds himself sandwiched between two women, one of whom claims his prolific seed is growing inside her. Coincidence or conspiracy or just plain Cruise??? Here’s Eddie with his new accessory – Tracey Edmonds – ex wife of BabyFace who felt compelled to tell People Magazine that the two are together and have been seeing each other for a “month and a half”. Haven’t seen a couple so eager to confirm itself since…the GMD and Kat. This on the same day word broke that Eddie is denying ownership of Scary Spice’s bump – telling some Dutch journalist not to make presumptions, that they’re no longer together, that essentially anybody could be the daddy, but at the same time subtly acknowledging how badly Scary wants it to be his. Virility, thy name is Eddie Murphy. Oh right, and Tom Cruise too. Source