Oh Honey… Why???

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 7, 2007 15:27:25 November 7, 2007 15:27:25

Brittany Murphy looks sooooo great. Better than she has maybe ever. But for some reason, unfathomable literally to everyone, she up and married this ….creep. A creep with allegedly some illegal alien issues and a very, very shady past.


Must have also been an awkward scene last night as both Brittany and Ashton Kutcher – see here - showed up with their spouses at the Juicy Couture store opening. You may recall, once upon a time, the two were supposedly engaged. Major PDA on every red carpet…and then a sudden split from which she doesn’t seem to have recovered.

Since then Brittany has been engaged 3 more times. And now married to a greasy slime.

A shame, really, because she’s just so sweet. Totally loopy but sweet all the same. And whatever it is between her and this dude, smutty sense says it will not end well. Trust.


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