Here's the newly brown Britney back in sweats after premiering her new hair colour at Elton John's Oscar party on Sunday night. There was a man with her in the car. They say it's her new maybe-boyfriend, the "field researcher" who works at a law firm as identified last week -- click here for a refresher.

The two went out for dinner on Valentine's Day and were also seen out for a round of golf. So it's at least their third date. And she's already comfortable enough to be around him with her weave scraped up and messy, although that kind of thing might not matter so much to Britney as the entire world has seen her with stains all over her clothes and shaving her head. Besides, given his, um, job description, all that might not matter.

There's something distinctly off about how they described him, non? How does a "field researcher" doing "odds and ends" work for a law firm meet Britney Spears, one of the most protected and insulated celebrities, through mutual friends?