THAT is how you open a show. The American Music Awards owe Bruno Mars an award solely for fooling us into thinking the whole night might be half decent based on his incredible opening. The first five minutes of a party should never be its highlight but that’s where we were with the AMAs last night. Bruno Mars opened strong with his new single 24K Magic.

I wrote about how much I love the song when it dropped last month along with a music video I called “pure, unadulterated FUN.” The performance was an extension of that fun and proof Bruno Mars is one of the most reliable performers in the game. I mean, who else can do this?


And this?


One of my favourite parts of a Bruno Mars performance is marveling at how all the background dancers are matching heights. My guess is that Bruno is about 5 foot 2 if I’m being generous (this is based on the fact that I towered over him once and I’m not at all a tall person) so his dancers have to be 5’4” max. Shout out to all the dancers who auditioned but missed out because they were above the height requirements. I digress.

Bruno’s album 24K Magic was released on Friday and I’ve been listening to it all weekend. Rolling Stone called it a “lush 90s throwback.” If the matching tracksuits weren’t a giveaway, that pretty much sums up Bruno’s whole vibe right now and I’m really into it.

My point: Bruno should have opened the show, came back in the middle to make sure we were still awake and stayed so that we didn’t have to sit through Ariana Grande whip her ponytail around and call it dancing.

Here’s Bruno’s full performance: