For some reason, many of you have been emailing lately about him …

How serendipitous – Hello! Canada has just landed an exclusive interview with Bryan about what he’s been up to. In short: photography and philanthropy. He even took a photo of the Queen. Spends most of his time abroad, especially England, and lays low, rumoured to enjoy brief flirtations with a variety of socialites and models… most recently Elle Macpherson.

Curiously enough, he’s actually way better looking now that he’s older than when he first started out. Something about the skin around his eyes. His skin all over in fact. Actually…Bryan Adams is almost pretty. Prettier and younger looking than Nicole Kidman. Hee.

As for his dating situation… have a read at his answers below:

Most of your portraits, at least those to benefit breast cancer support organizations, are of women. Have you gained a greater understanding of women from working with them?
Freud said that after 40 years of analysis he still didn’t have the answer to the question, “What does a woman want?” I can’t say that I have the same intellectual experience, but after all these years I still don’t have the answer, either.

This, from the man who’s written some of the world’s most famous romantic ballads?

Yeah [laughs], I’m still searching.

There’s no woman in your life right now?
No. It’s not fair to commit to someone if you’ve got a lot of other things going on, which I do. The relationships that are successful in show business are people who have common interests, whether it be in philanthropy or because they merge their production companies and work together as well.

So love remains elusive at the moment?

Yeah, but that’s what makes it so enticing.


Is your smutty sense tingling? Mine is going bananas!