Maybe it’s the age thing, you know? Everyone’s squawking about Steve Martin, but Bryan Adams is 53. He’s famous and rich, and well into his sixth decade of life, and, well, maybe he just can’t see anything but the cute.

Because this name of his newest daughter is about to rot my teeth out from the sugar sweetness. Lula Rosylea – Lula from the song Be-Bop-A-Lula and Rosylea from the Cockney Rhyming Slang for ‘Tea”. Because she arrived at tea time. I mean come ON. Of all the names you could have chosen, you picked a name from a song (which is fine on its own, but this is from whence it came? Fine, I guess) and the time of day she arrived?

What I mean by the age thing is that maybe the cuteness is all that’s required. Her older sister, after all, is named Bunny. So sure, in my mind, neither passes the Supreme Court Justice test – but maybe they don’t need to. Maybe Bryan Adams’ daughters are set, in whatever they choose to do, with names that will suit them in those endeavours. It certainly didn’t hold Destiny Hope Cyrus back, so what do I know really? Then again, would Peaches Geldof be someone else if her name were Alison?

I just think it’s not too much to ask for a name that has something to recommend it beyond the time of day it occurred to the parents. “Twilight” as a name is surely about to happen if it hasn’t already, but that doesn’t mean it’s a construct of extreme ingenuity, does it?

Attached -- Bryan Adams at London Fashion Week (Vivienne Westwood) yesterday.