We’re five weeks out from the new Godzilla hitting theaters and we’ve got a new extended trailer that gives us some context for the stuff we’ve already seen. Like, for instance, why exactly Bryan Cranston is so damned scared, and a little bit about the possible origin/awakening of Godzilla. It’s something to do with nuclear power, which makes sense as Godzilla is traditionally depicted as the mutant spawn of nuclear testing in the mid twentieth century. Interestingly, the trailers for the movie so far reframe those tests as efforts to kill a previous Godzilla monster, so the question is—where does this new Godzilla come from? Please just don’t let it be space. Not everything has to be space monsters.

I continue to really like the look of this movie. The tsunami bit made me wince because CGI water always looks so awful, but I am super digging Cranston being the hero of the story. I am also super digging the super jacked Aaron Taylor-Johnson—if I ever see Sam Taylor-Johnson, I will high-five her—but the focus is on Cranston, which is a good call because everyone loves him. Advance Footage has tested well with critics and audiences—which is more than another major studio can say about their blockbuster that’s crashing and burning in test screenings—and Godzilla is poised to be a breakout hit in May. I hope it overachieves. I want Bryan Cranston, Movie Star to be a thing. If he has to get there by running away from Godzilla, I can live with that.

(Lainey: Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the Winter Soldier premiere are attached and HOW DID I MISS THESE PHOTOS?!?)