No Johnny Depp. Unlike the Screen Actors Guild, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association went with Will Smith over Johnny Depp for the Golden Globes. They’re starf-ckers, as you know, the HFPA. But between the stars to f-ck, they chose Will even though they’ve made a joke of themselves in the past by nominating Johnny for The Tourist, remember that?

I don’t know if that’s going to carry through to the Oscars, but what’s important to note here is that a formidable challenger has emerged for Leonardo DiCaprio. And I hope he’s worried. Because Bryan Cranston is gaining momentum. A lot of momentum. The actors love Cranston. And the Academy? Sarah texted me this morning about Trumbo:

Trumbo is a Hollywood Is A Hero story. Academy’s gonna love it. And the old farts actually knew Trumbo. There will be sentiment on Cranston’s side.

Consider too how chill Bryan’s been so far through the process compared to the desperation fake bear f-cking that Leo’s given us on a weekly basis. Many members of the Academy still see him as a little punk. So if we’re pitting him against a veteran actor, who’s moved from television to film and has the respect of both sides of the aisle, maybe it’s not a foregone conclusion for Leo. Maybe he’ll have to monkey jump even higher. At what point does he get so frantic that he starts giving interviews where he talks about wanting to get married and having kids?