Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend is Bryan Randall. And because Sandy infamously married and divorced a cheating asshole, people have been looking into Bryan’s past. He was an addict, he was a convict, he could be trouble? Also he was in a serious relationship with someone juuuuust before he and Sandy hooked up. There’s your update on the drama.

But the ex-girlfriend says there is no drama. In an interview with Inside Edition, Paris St John says Bryan's past is not an issue anymore. And that she was the one who broke up with him. So, basically, according to her, Bryan isn’t Jesse James. Also, she’s an aspiring singer/actress.

When the ex is coming out to say that there’s nothing to see here, there’s probably really nothing to see here, although if I were Sandy, I’m not sure I’d appreciate it all that much either. Would you need an ex-girlfriend vouching for your judgment? Would you need your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend posting messages on social media telling everyone that you don’t have bad taste? I wouldn’t.

Final thought: Bryan Randall is totally Garrett Hedlund in 15 years, right?