Much as I wish I had access to his schedule, I’ve no idea what George Clooney is doing in Washington. The inauguration is still a week away. Perhaps more lobbying? Whatever the reason, he arrived there today all smiles, looking fit and vibrant and full of charisma as usual and as enjoyable as the Globes were on Sunday, there would have been an added element of A list had he been there, non?

George however has said he has a policy. He doesn’t go unless he’s nominated, or unless he’s the incumbent ready to pass on the crown.

He spent the holidays in Cabo with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber and there was no word of his usual paid shenanigans, of the entertainment variety, but there are those who are convinced that the reason Cindy ever tolerated Rande’s alleged philandering is because she negotiated a pass with his BFF. There’s never been any slamdunk evidence to support this but while those sorts of arrangements would shock the suburbs, in Hollywood it’s par for the course.

In fact, it’s the only way one long standing celebrity marriage is able to survive even though she would have you believe that it’s a commitment to therapy and communication. A cheat for a cheat. It works for them. For reference and association purposes, we’ll call this one Cabo.

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