Once every few months, I get together for brunch with my friend Emily L and we talk about TV and movies. The first time she tried to get me to watch Outlander, I was like, um, I can’t with all these sappy voiceovers. She kept at it. And the second time, I was like, fine, even if I fast-forward through the cringey voiceover, I can’t with all the rape specter. Rape looms over her in every episode. Emily understood but persisted, promising that it gets better. But on my third and final attempt, I happened to tune in to the episode where HE’s the one dealing with the rape danger! I remember sitting across from her over toast and Nutella, practically yelling – are you kidding me? She dropped her head. She had no argument for it. I haven’t watched Outlander since.

But Outlander has a very, very, very rabid fanbase. We’re talking TwiHard levels of commitment. Duana and I get shouty emails all the time from the Outlander faithful yelling at us about how stupid we are to be watching The Affair instead. The vitriol is really quite impressive.

As you know, The Affair won Best Drama at the Globes a year ago. Ruth Wilson won Best Drama Actress. This time, The Affair only received one nomination, even though season 2 has been a lot better than season 1, and it was Outlander that tied for the most nominations in television. Please note, however, that word is, Outlander has been spending a LOT of time with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Like parties at exotic locations, no expense spared.

That’s what came to mind last night when Taraji P Henson was named Best Actress in a Television Drama. The camera cut to Caitriona when Taraji was talking about all the characters she’s ever played. Caitriona’s expression?

I’d call that a steely smile. Was it the smile of someone who had some expectations of the foreign press? You can imagine the hate Taraji’s getting now from the Outlanders now though, non?