Just received this adorable email from Sandra in Barrie validating why I never want to have a child. Sandra, however, is about to have her third.

“So I'm just a few days away from meeting my 3rd babe...a boy after 2 lovely girls. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm achy,...way to pitch motherhood, huh? LOL But lately my spirits have been lifted with any Kings of Leon sightings (Caleb mostly!), Brad Pitt, or the Coop. Please, if you come across any pics of them without shirts, in the water or just looking hot and having good pant days, I would be forever grateful!!!”

As it happens, Sandra, new photos of Caleb Followill were just released today from the Reading Festival where KoL just played.


Wishing you a smooth labour. Is it possible to get through labour without The Swears? Tonya the Twi-Hard would expect you to.

Photos from Mirrorpix / Splashnewsonline.com