As mentioned yesterday, Calvin Harris Adam Wiles unfollowed Taylor Swift on social media yesterday and deleted all photos of her from his accounts. Then he tweeted and deleted this:

And how did Adam Calvin follow up on his threat? TMZ, of course. Is TMZ now officially the gossip voice for the men’s rights movement? (I would be happy if Anne Helen Petersen could conduct this investigation, as a follow-up to this piece from two years ago.)

Anyway, it was TMZ that initially reported, earlier this month, when Taylor and Calvin Adam broke up, that he was the one who “wasn’t feeling it”. Because he wanted a low profile and Taylor liked the spotlight too much. Low profile. THIS GUY:

Now that the world knows Swoki though, TMZ is reporting that Calvin Wiley is “pissed and feels betrayed” by her. And that he suspected for weeks that something was up. So, basically, through Team Dude TMZ, the suggestion is that Taylor’s a dirty whore who cheated on him.

Which one is it though? Did you end things because she was too “Hollywood” for your realness or was it that she stepped out on you? Is it Calvin or is it Adam? Is it Harris or is it Wiles?

What it is, to me, is that he actually thought he could drive this narrative, and was then reminded that he’s f-cking no one, a douchebag with four names. So, basically, a Blank Space.

Attached - Calvin Harris Adam Wiles leaving the gym yesterday in LA.