Deadline reported yesterday that NBC was moving ahead with a TV show based on Say Anything. It’s 10 years later but also 2014. (I don’t understand either, but OK.) Lloyd is single because Diane dumped him but now she’s coming back into town and he tries to get her back.

I know.

We all know.

What in the goddamn f-ck?

Thanks for telling me Lloyd was a loser for a decade.

And no one wears trench coats anymore if they don’t intend to kill!

Oh, and no one told Cameron Crowe. So he sh-t all over the idea on Twitter and John Cusack added his sh-t to Crowe’s sh-t and now the project is looking a lot less certain because…

Well, you could say it’s because of the spirit, because of the art.

Is there enough money that could change that?

Would you even watch that?

How can you be a fan of the movie and even support that???

“It’s a new sport but…it’s got a good future.” This line ALWAYS kills me.