Is Cam a Homewrecking or is Mindfreak another Golddigger? I say Door Number 2. Yet another in what’s become a growing list of Federline clones eager to profit in one way or another on the coattails of their more famous Hollywood conquests.

A Golddigger, you see, doesn’t always come for cold hard cash. So while KFed and KFed Junior (the one who married Tori Spelling) may have swindled for the inheritance, other losers like Calum Best and Criss Angel do it for notoriety – the kind of notoriety that can yield money later on…get it?

Which is why the Mindfreak was so eager to proclaim is his love and special friendship with Cameron Diaz a few weeks ago - following some stunt he performed in New York, when the cameras looked for a comment, the first thing out of his mouth had to do with Ms D. And now comes word of a hidden wife, a secret wife of five years who is suing him for divorce on the grounds of adultery and naming Cam as the other woman.

Criss, not surprisingly, has offered no denial and given that his name is in the headlines yet again courtesy of his dalliance with one of Hollywood’s top paid actresses, bet your boob job he doesn’t much care. And so while I’m always first in line for Homewrecker Hunt, in this case I’m willing to believe Cameron simply didn’t know. Flattered and exploited by the Levitating KFed, Cam clearly got played.

Replaced by a Shelf Ass and used by a Goldigge, I feel a little sorry for