Criss Angel – Cam’s new dude, another one of those extreme illusionists going to the brink of death in order to make headlines, turn a quick buck.

Latest stunt involved him in a locked box and cement, can’t be bothered to care what exactly he was doing… just know that prior to kicking off his gimmick, he sent a media-friendly message to his lady, guaranteeing him more column space than had he kept his mouth shut:

“This is dedicated to my new girl. You know who you are. I’ll be thinking of you.”

And then after his successful escape, again with the shameless fame freeloading, turning to camera and telling his “very special person” that he loved her.

Seriously…are these people for real? They’ve known each other three weeks, she’s spent 2 of them on promo on the other side of the planet… and his first thought after skirting death is to shout her out?

Yet another bitch … please.