Oh but did she save the good stuff for the best time, or what? Cameron Diaz and Rachel Zoe – a stunning partnership, as evidenced throughout the Shrek World Tour, and kickin’ it up a notch too as Justin has joined in England and Spain.

I mean look at this dresss. Look at it!!! Look at the way it was made for her body, look at how she’s workin’ it – shoulders back, tits out, as on display… and look at how he’s looking at her. As I said yesterday, on the heels of a recent break up, nostalgia is a powerful aphrodisiac. And nostalgia, in combination with her hotness, well… suffice to say… what’s a Shelf Ass compared to Cam D?

Jessica who???

I don’t care how clever her publicist, you simply can’t top this.

It’s just what girls do…

PS. what"s up with Mike Myers anyway? Isn"t the movie called Shrek? Doesn"t he play Shrek? Why"s he giving 20% and leaving the rest to everyone else, namely Cam?

I don"t accept scheduling conflicts. What"s a scheduling conflict in the fact of a Dreamworks promotional tour?

Smutty. Tingling. Will keep you posted...