It’s an evil thing we girls do…especially if we’re the ex. At one point or another, we all have…and don’t lie.

Two weeks ago, an item somehow found its way into People Magazine – something about Justin Timberlake being totally in love with Jessica Biel, likely leaked by her clever, clever publicist. Since then, they’ve hardly been together. She dashed back stateside, he stayed in Europe for a few gigs and to promote Shrek alongside Cameron Diaz, who has clearly brought her A game and who clearly intends to poke a few holes into the Biel press release.

Check out Pip and Cam in Spain, no sign of ex animosity between them. In fact, I think I see a little bit of nostalgia attraction goin’ on - maybe even a trip down memory lane booty call?

Like – oh when I put my arm around you this way it reminds me of the time we were in Paris and that song came on and we ripped our clothes off and rocked it all night long…

And those feelings, combined with Cameron’s bronzed skin and those long, long legs – it has to be a little bit of a c*cktease, don’t you think? And don’t you think she knows? And don’t you think she intended it every step of the way? And what can the Shelf Ass do on the other side of another continent?

Girls are evil, non?