Us Weekly is reporting that Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are done. For the second time. Apparently it was work schedules getting in the way...?

I don’t get it. The MLB season is almost over.

Supposedly he’s had a lot of injuries and wants to focus on his game. In other words, dickhead wants a fresh piece. Cam doesn’t usually handle breakups very well. This is Good For Gossip. On many levels. After all, a single Cam and a single JLo at the same time? Please. It’s a gift!

So who are you thinking?

I’ll tell you who I’m thinking but you’ll be mad and we will fight. But if you put Gossip above all else, the way it should be, because let’s face it, you will never be Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend...

Ryan + Cam at Disneyland...?

Come on.

You know you want to. Put that on your Gossip Wish List.

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