Big fan of Cam these days, especially post-Pip, but this new movie What Happens in Vegas, it’s doing nothing for her. Nothing.

Seriously. Watch the trailer. Ashton Kutcher looks f*cking hot. Cam absolutely not. As in her face is totally busted. Not unlike the way it was on Saturday at Kids’ Choice where she received the Wannabe Award. As in they wannabe her.

Thing is, I just saw her in person like a month ago. At Drew Barrymore’s birthday party during Oscar week. Up close she is not this busted. For real. Up close she’s cute. Pretty. Softer. But then something happens, something about the makeup, something about the lighting, and all of a sudden it’s busted. She really should look into that. Maybe it’s Demi Moore.

Everything else though is all good. And those shoes are just as sweet in white as they are in orange (Ashlee Simpson).

PS. Ashton? SO beautiful. Too bad he’s such an insufferable windbag.

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