Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth were filming Gambit today at Heathrow Terminal 5. As you can see, you can't miss her. Not with those legs. And then the hat. And the Cam. Just the overall Cam. Colin's keeping up on his own with some steezy little glasses too.

Anyway, Terminal 5 is where I flew into last week on my way here. It's British Airways and partners. Then, because my flight was delayed, and I missed my connection, I spent 5 hours blogging there which is where my laptop was infected. Be careful when you try to find wireless networks. There are people who spend all day, just sitting there, with their little magic internet boxes, luring you into their scams. Then they ask for your credit card in order to fix the sh-t they've just plugged into your computer. I'm only half an idiot so I didn't hand over my info. But I'll have to bring it home and get someone to get rid of the virus which apparently only takes 5 or 10 minutes if you find someone who knows and has experience with removing malware. Heads up for when you travel, ok?

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