Umm…Courteney Cox, hands down. Never understood why it was always Aniston getting the hype on Friends and not Courteney. Maybe it was those permaperky nipples that just wouldn"t go to bed. But side by side? No comparison, y"all. None. Take a look at Jen and Courteney at an event honouring the Arquette family tonight in LA. As you can see, Courteney is frickin" breathtaking. I mean, really really really beautiful. The skin, the eyes, the hair - I would kill and perm to have hair like that! But above all else … it"s the nose. The most coveted nose. My favourite nose in the whole world. If only I had her nose and not my mother"s squawking crow planted in the middle of my face. If only I had some Cameron Diaz balls and the courage to do the rhinoplasty thing. If only, if only.