My question: Since I"ve been reading your site, I don"t think you"ve ever mentioned anything about Drew Barrymore. I"m curious - do you like her? hate her? What has she been up to lately? Dear Janet: I like Drew. A lot. She"s irritating in a daisy, flowers, frou frou kind of way and I certainly don"t approve of her friendship with Cameron Diaz, but not even a cold hearted bitch like me is immune to Drew"s sweet, vulnerable appeal. And since she"s currently making a movie about poker - my favourite guilty pleasure - with Eric Bana, I find her even more endearing. I hear Drew is still kickin" it with her rocker beau and I hear she"s got a five year plan to be nominated for an Oscar. Considering her pedigree, I wouldn"t bet against it. Although I do worry about some bad habits she is rumoured to have resurrected.